Neil Spiegel, DO, MBA


As an Osteopathic Physician, board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Neil takes a holistic approach to working with the Body, Mind and Spirit. Able to walk the path of Eastern and Western medicine simultaneously, he views the World differently than most people. This unique gift brings many positive attributes to Fox Hollow.

While leading a thriving practice in Rockville, Maryland, it became clear that he wanted more than to see patients on a one-on-one basis. He wanted to make a difference on a broader scale. After obtaining an MBA from the prestigious RH Business School of the University of Maryland he began to use his critical analysis and strategic skills to better his community. Serving on the Health Care Advisory Board - Community Ministries of Rockville he works to bring a Health Clinic to the uninsured of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Neil brings a critical mind and a compassionate heart to the caring and understanding of his patients and his community. His ability to listen, understand, empathize and create a strategic plan for optimum results are skills that serve him well in all of his endeavors.

Neil serves as a strategic consultant for Fox Hollow and its Clients, lending his expertise to organizational design and the impact of change on the business infrastructure.


Neil resides in Potomac, Maryland with his wife Lynn and sons Brandon and Jared.