Elizabeth Darcy Hope


I have over 24 years of experience working in financial and management consulting firms. I’ve provided services to government contracting agencies, served as an internal resource to small and large commercial firms and built my own consulting company. No matter what my title was, I always wanted to improve myself, my surroundings and the company. My work began as an analyst, where I learned to look at each problem from a different viewpoint. Inevitably my job was to invite change into stuck situations and support the people going through the changes.

That training served me well through my role as Team Lead, Manager, President and Entrepreneur. Whenever change is needed, there are many ways it can occur. By looking at the situation from a different perspective you can develop new ways of handling change – never forgetting that people are the ones doing the changing.

It was my passion for helping people to develop fully, change what is necessary, and move the organization to a new level of competitive success that prompted me to become a certified Executive Leadership Coach. During my training at the prestigious Georgetown University Center for Continuing Education, I added structure and balance to my work experience in the area of Executive Coaching.


Coaching is something that comes naturally when you are interested in people and have a passion for business. I have seen first hand that the commitment, loyalty, and dedication employees bring to the workplace is what creates a successful business. Coaching can help leaders to develop the skills necessary to be effective. Effective leadership is critical to the development of a successful business.

In the Work Place

Leaders need to be surrounded by workers who share the same goals. If employees are lacking motivation, scared about job security, feeling useless, feeling unappreciated, shown no opportunity for advancement – the leaders can’t lead. The symptoms are obvious, the cause may be difficult to discern. Sometimes it takes a different perspective to see the root of the problem. Coaching in the workplace allows leaders to have greater vision to identify impediments that are keeping the company from total success.

Results Oriented

Measurable, sustainable results are key to the success of any program. With a solid change management initiative, structures are put into place to measure milestones, expected results and outcomes. In addition, satisfied workers, a congenial workplace and a lower attrition rate are side benefits of an effective coaching program that result in higher productivity and profits.


I live in Northern Virginia with my husband and 3 dogs.